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Outdoor Playgrounds

According to the preference characteristics of children of all ages, the designers of childhood home meet the needs of parent-child interaction. With the “insect kingdom” as the main line, each activity space is designed with a unique regional theme, which is integrated with the landscape. Let children learn by playing, play by learning, let go of childlike nature, and create a happy childhood.


This is a “Kingdom of insects” full of joy and challenge. There are lovely butterflies, grasshoppers, ladybugs… And various adventures and adventures. You can overcome barriers, find insect partners, and experience the fun of growing up from cocoons to butterflies. This is the beginning of the Kingdom journey – the beginning of the Kingdom, Tongle’s growth, and a new journey into the wonderful insect kingdom. Ring swing, crawling, drilling, trampoline… All kinds of interesting amusement facilities, let children linger and forget to go back. By turning the swing, there are melodies in their ears. Yes, this is the concert hall hidden in the jungle. There are microphones, elite drums and organ… Let you explore the mystery of sound. Here, every child is a small performer.

The continuous zigzag drill net is matched with the slide with fresh color, and the EPDM floor mat and sand pool are combined. Tired of playing, there are parent-child leisure area, water curtain swing… The designer of childhood home has created an expansion area for children that combines fun and challenge. In this wonderful insect kingdom, parents can take their children to explore the unknown world. Experience the joys of childhood
The adventure jungle area of parent-child Sports Park skillfully integrates the functions of running, drilling, climbing, sliding, rotating, etc. to fully exercise children’s overall coordination, improve children’s courage, and cultivate children’s indomitable faith. Here is not only a place for children’s interest, but also a good classroom for children’s growth. To share the fun time of childhood, the insect expansion series is designed for children’s playful nature, combined with the modeling of grasshopper, beetle and ladybug, so that children can understand the insect world through play, and stimulate the emotion of loving nature. It can also exercise children’s comprehensive abilities of balance, coordination and creation.