Kindergarten school design kids table and chairs

Kindergarten furniture

Company Services

First, Guangdong Family of Childhood Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded
in 1988, is located in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province.
further, We are integrated enterprise specialized in designing,
manufacturing, selling the kindergarten furniture for the
Early Childhood Education organization such as kindergarten,
primary school.

Product furniture

therefore Rely on the unique technical and the quality assurance, we can
provide the main three sorts of service and products: the overall
designing, kids educational equipment and outdoor facilities.
 With the professional service team. What’more, we can provide
you the one-stop service with overall planning, market investigation,
investment analysts, project planning, kindergarten designing,
project construction, operational planning.
Presently we have developed a wide range series of the kindergarten furniture. Such as Recreation Space series; Pure series; childhood
ranch series; American style; Nordic customs series; Performers
series; White wax series; White fairy tale series.
in addition After years of developments, we have obtained rich experience of kindergarten decoration and furniture. In China, at present, we have the
cooperation with many kindergartens. Meanwhile, we are the leading manufacturer that provides the service of kindergarten decoration,
and kindergarten furniture in China.
Meanwhile, we explore the international market continuously in
the past years. Currently, our kindergarten furniture has been exported to many countries. Such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Russia and so on.

Company Culture,

to sum up, Family of Childhood holds the operation principle of
market-oriented, quality first, integrity premised.
on the whole, We always aim at bringing the happiness to the children all over the world! Also, We make effort to move forward to the target of being one of the top manufacturers of kindergarten facilities.