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China Kindergarten and Guangzhou Preschool exhibition kindergarten children slide exhibition

The review of China Kindergarten and Guangzhou Preschool exhibition from Guangdong Family of Childhood


From 10th to 12th March, our company have joined the professional kindergarten children slide exhibition in international procurement center in Pazhou,Guangzhou.

It is the most influential preschool exchange event in China.More than 50thousand people joined the children slide exhibition,which includes professional scholars in preschool education area over the world.And there were toys,preschool education equipment,fitment,characteristic courses,join of brand and kindergarten science innovation.

The characteristic of children slide exhibition as followed.

Guide the development direction of preschool education;

Introduce preschool education resources at home and abroad;

Cooperate with the co-organizers;

Create a one-stop preschool education service platform.

Our exhibition

kindergarten slide,children slide exhibition,familyofchildhoodkindergarten slide,children slide exhibition,familyofchildhood


Our company brought our exclusive produced children slide exhibition-Theme of Kids-dream Windmill. We used bright blue and lemon yellow to design slide,expressing the happiness of childhood.What’s more,help children to fly dream by created idea of modelling plane.

What we can see, with good quality of products in functional areas,interesting models,multinational match and creative details.  A lot of people visited our booth and the children had a great time.

Our company provides indoor and outdoor products for customers,which can be called integrated services.  Besides that, we can produce children slide exhibition for customers.

ThereforeIf you choose our products, the business will eliminate some unnecessary problems.Children can enjoy themselves in kindergarten.

Function room design and furniture

kindergarten slide,children slide exhibition,familyofchildhoodkindergarten slide,children slide exhibition,familyofchildhood

kindergarten outdoor playground

kindergarten slide,children slide exhibition,familyofchildhoodkindergarten slide,children slide exhibition,familyofchildhood

About us

Guangdong Family of Childhood Industry co., ltd was founded in 1988. It manages in amusement equipment, research and development, design, production, sales and service.

Even more, it is the main manufacturer and supplier of preschool education equipment in China.

At present, the company has more than 80000 square meters of modern standard factory buildings, R& D design center and multi-functional children slide exhibition hall.  Besides, Customers give us their recognition for products.We provide one-stop service for kindergartens.

After nearly 30 years of development, the Family of Childhood has become a leader in the overall solution for kindergartens.With a number of kindergartens at home and abroad,to create a better educational environment for children’s growth.

Above all, in this preschool education children slide exhibition, we will continue to adhere to the concept of”innovation first, integrity-based, service first”, to bring the customers the most competitive kindergarten solutions, to bring more joy to the children!

Most importantly, exhibition can witness new designs. So, you can learn about the direction and dynamics of kindergarten development at the exhibition. Every time we put new designs at the show.