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Community School Outdoor Playground Equipment for sale

 Community School


 Community School is a large Victorian, inner city Primary School in Hackney, London. As a result of this outstanding project, other local Primary Schools have also completed playground developments with School space.

The school had not invested in their playground for some time and the current equipment was no longer fit for purpose. Some areas had become unmanageable, such as the nature and pond area. The space available for outdoor play was limited and as a result, the school and pupils were not able to use the  Outdoor Playground Equipment to its full potential.

 Outdoor Playground Equipment

 Outdoor Playground Equipment

The freight trucking service that ships your Backyard Discovery swingset .
Then they  will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment.
This project applies to residences, schools, parks etc.
You just need to move the large box to its final location.



  • Design:
    to provide simple and comprehensive design, some of which with construction drawings / tender documents. Our crews must be able to follow the instructions to keep you satisfied with teamwork, efficiency.


  • Construction:
    our crews travel all over the country building Natural Playgrounds, from 2500 square feet to 80 acres.
    They know what they are doing, which means they are very fast, efficient, and very cost-effective. That is our purpose.


  • Manufacturing:

    we have a 7,000-square-foot shop in where we design, prototype, field-test.

    Our factory manufactures all of our research and playing elements under controlled conditions.



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